It's Been a Long Time

September 7, 2021

It's been a while since I did any sports photography, come to think of it, it's been a while since I've done any photography at all. December 2019 was the last time, the end of the central Cyclocross League's season. And then were no sports for over a year so no sports photography.

It was great to get back out on the circuit again, after such a long break. And where better to start than Silverstone Race Track, except we were in a field somewhere in the middle of the circuit. I have no idea how the track compared to others, certainly from a  competitor's viewpoint but from a photographer's viewpoint it had some plusses and minuses.The start was into the sun, which is much better for me as it is usually awful shooting the grid when the sun is behind the racers. One of the two jumps was also into the light, again, I hate it when I have to shoot people coming towards me when the sun is above their heads, that's why I didn't  bother shooting the other of the two hurdles. 

There was a massive  big spiral at one end of the circuit. No idea what it's like to ride but to shoot, again, very problematic since the whole things is just one long lane with no islands where a photographer can stand and not be on the circuit, so you have to shoot from right outside the whole thing which means reams and reams of tape barriers cutting everyone in half. It made it easier for me in that I didn't bother with that end of the circuit so it was less distance to walk.

The circuit was compact, a bonus for me as again less distance to walk.  My phone told me I walked just under 8km during the race, all the while carrying around 13-15 kg of cameras, lenses and equipment. It was hot, very hot, I was thirsty the whole time, and knackered. By the time the senior race started I just had to go and get a cold drink. I sat and watched the race for 15 minutes while I drank them and  missed the start of their race for the first time in about 6 years.

I've had a bad back for years. I was reminded that it is two years worse and my knee which is also now bad, was two years badder than the last time I humped a load of camera gear around a field.  When I got home, and the following day, I really knew about it.

Despite all the tribulations it was good to see everyone, lots of new faces and some missing faces too, I wonder how many will come back. And all the kids are two years more grown up!

I got all the photos online by Monday afternoon, mainly because I took Monday off work and was able to stay up until 4am Sunday night and work on them most of Monday, I probably won't be able to do this every race, even though the season is truncated to just 6 races.

Anyway, I loved seeing everyone again and hearing the shouts of "Hello Garry" as people whizzed past me.

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